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water leaking through ceiling
leak on ceiling

 Is Mold growing inside your walls?

Is someone in your home suddenly experiencing lung or sinus congestion?  It may be a reaction from bacteria growing inside the walls, ceilings, air conditioning ducts or leaks in the roof.  Often times you won't know.  But we will know. If the mold bacteria was started by a roof leak, we can help.  Call 941-232-0888 for a determination at no charge.


Attic Roof Leaks go unnoticed until wood damage allows the water to come through your ceiling.  

Plumbing leaks generally show up in the walls or floor of the home and air conditioning leaks go unnoticed if it is from the condensation of the ductwork in the attic.

Attic Roof Leak
Drywall damage

It's time to fight back!  

Call CMM!  Rated A+ by the BBB. 

We specialize in roof leaks in both residential and commercial applications.  All roof leaks are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of the repair.  We accept Mastercard & Visa.  


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A handyman can't fix a roof leak without violating the law.  Roof leaks must be handled by a licensed roofing company.  A licensed roofing contractor is required to have worker's compensation and liability insurance.  If you were to use a handyman for a roof leak and he falls off your roof, he can sue you, the homeowner, for permanent, long-term disability. Don't risk losing your home to an unlicensed, uninsured handyman.